Ahmadinejad In New York [Sept 2012]

September 21, 2012




The Israeli lobby is very powerful in NY and no doubt has been able to create a noisy and unpleasant reception for Ahmadinejad.  However, the speech he is coming to make is extremely important for global affairs.  The probability of a large and nasty US war, bigger than anything we’ve seen since the WW2, may increase or diminish based on what he says.  So it’s important that we ALL get wise and get informed about what this is all about.   Treating Ahmadinejad like a Mad Mullah is a diplomatic and political mistake with consequences.


In the past, what he’s said has been taken out of all contexts by pro-Israeli hawks and those that would want to create an agenda in the Middle East.  They have taken the nuclear power debate and converted it into one about Iran arming itself with nuclear warheads to blow up Israel and threaten Europe, when this has not been suggested.  We will only be clear on what is being suggested when he speaks to the UN assembly next week.


Meanwhile the Middle Eastern agenda is trundling along and it does not include a separate state for Palestine or any relief for those enclosed behind Israel’s great walls on the Gaza strip.   It’s not looking good for Egypt, Libya or Syria either, as US power is hitting its limits in the absence of constructive political dialogue and logger heads in the Security Council.


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