Poem: The Sun King – by Tw1itteratti

January 2, 2013

The Sun King, by Santajack8

Imagine the ocean, picture the sky,

tidy away the gulls, and blow away the foam.

Watch the sun complete its arc and ready for the dark.

And declare,

“The sun is gone.”


Roll back the clouds, peel back the blue.

Welcome the holy night reflected black at you

As the ocean stills its restless soul

and surface clears to glass.

And declare,

“The moon is king.”


Hanging in the night time sky a thousand fire flies,

some no bigger than my finger

others brighter than burning silver.

Lord and Lady stars are gracious guests of the king,

to bow in deference.

And declare,

“Salutations to the host.”


From the ocean, outside the palace over a mirrored sea,

Ex-courtiers like me, watch the pageantry.

Too soon the court is over, time no more for guests.

Close the door, turn off the stars.

And declare,

“The morning!


The frothy waters bubble under spumy crests,

white and cold they tumble,

the planet stirs form rest.

Massing waves churn and crash

Beneath the new host’s gaze.

And declare,

“The sun is here.”

The sun is here.


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