The qualities of a good husband

June 26, 2013

By Hannah Tw1itteratti Aged 9

A good husband is kind

A good husband is kind


Any husband should behave like this but a quality husband will do it all.

  1. A husband should listen to you and give you what you want. For example, if you like sushi, he should know that you like sushi but he should also ask you what you would like, in case you want something different.
  2. A good husband does not always interfere. When you come home from work your husband might ask, “What’s the matter?” but ladies don’t always want to answer because it is a lot of work explaining. So instead a good husband says, “Would you like a cup of tea dear?” or “Would you like a hot bath?” They should just comfort you.
  3. Although this is very, very common for many husbands all over the world, a good husband should not yell. There are two ways to deal with an angry situation: he could drink a cup of tea, which always calms you down or instead he could write it down in words. Also ladies should do the same thing if possible. The point is that you should always use one of these two methods. Please don’t try to yell. Try anger management class or simply counting to ten or using the old pillow trick where you take a pillow and punch it and try to stay calm.
  4. A good husband has a fair share of looking after the children. For example, my dad takes us to school nearly every day and my mum picks me up after school.
  5. A husband must always take an interest in what you have to say and never have a bad comment to tell you.
  6. A husband should never interrupt you when you are talking.
  7. A husband should know his wife’s taste in everything.
  8. A husband should have good table manners.
  9. A husband shouldn’t be rude to you.
  10. A husband should always be a kind-hearted man and should praise his wife for all her achievements and how hard she has worked, particularly on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  11. A quality husband must not always hog the tv.

Number 8 and number 11 are the most important qualities.

Remember, ladies are not always the best models either, so follow me up next week when I will be talking about the qualities of a wife.


One comment

  1. Love this post, and I love your tagline on the top about the three things we need. Exactly!

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